Frequent Questions on MyNext.Events

Simple answers to your most common questions

Could you please tell me more about MyNext.Events?
Well, it is a private, free, and open project created by Tobias Sattler. It was invented to keep track of domain, hosting, startup, marketing, and tech industry events and conferences.

I want to add an event, meeting, or conference?
Some details are necessary to add a new entry to this calendar, such as name, website, date, and location. we won't add all events to this calendar, such as closed meetings. If you are okay with that, then please send these details over to us. Thank you!

Can I use your data?
Sure, go ahead! Unfortunately, there is no API to pull the data or provide further details, but you can use the ICS file.

I have a feature request!
Awesome! Please send your feature request over to us. Thank you!

What devices and browsers do you support?
This website supports the latest versions of Safari (OS X and iOS), Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, but it does not officially support Opera Mini and Android's native Browser.

I found a bug; what do I do?
Please file all bugs over to us. Thank you!