About MyNext.Events

In 2008, I, Tobias Sattler, joined united-domains AG and started to represent and to participate at domain, hosting and internet conferences around the world. Keeping track of all events was quite troublesome and after many tries I stuck with Google Calendar in 2010.

I thought about sharing my calendar to the community to help others and make their lifes easier, too. So, I wrapped up a website to display the events and make it more enjoyable to read than just an ics file.

After many attempts, I published it under my own website at tobiassattler.com. Later on I realised that I want to spin it off to an own project and therefore the idea was born to do MyNext.Events.

This is a free and open project and if you want to add your meetup, event or conference to this calendar, please do not hesitate and drop a note.


Tobias Sattler, Birnen-Anger 2, 85591 Vaterstetten, mail [at] tobiassattler.com